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Sustainable and authentic travel experiences which engage travelers.
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Culture and nature in the world’s most mega diverse country.
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Only experiences and destinations that we have experienced personally.
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Protecting local economies and promoting ecological stewardship.

Why Colombia Eco Travel?

We love Colombia. We love the planet. We love what we do. We've traveled Colombia in search of authentic experiences which meet our global standards for quality service, ecological stewardship and social responsibility.

We collaborate with travel outfitters and foundations to preserve Colombia's vast biodiversity, rich cultural heritage and local economies.

Let us create the perfect travel experience for you, with the highest level of detail and service from start to finish.

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13 Nights : 14 Days
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Is Colombia Safe?

Yes! The 1990's was a time of warring drug cartels, everyone was an enemy, including Colombians. Since then, drug cartels have moved to other countries, leaving Colombia to flourish in its true form: a unique country full of charming people and authentic travel experiences.

We would never recommend travel to places where there would be a risk of any kind.

As with any developing country, being smart in large cities is always recommended since petty street crime is really the only thing to worry about.

Having the best possible experience during your stay in Colombia is our responsibility, that includes making sure you are safe.

Amazing Colombia

  • Andes Mountains, Caribbean Coast, Pacific Coast, Amazon, and Plains
  • 1,906 bird species, 20% of the world's total
  • 258 species of palm trees, the highest number in the world
  • 2,890 species of vertebrates
  • 222 species of saurians
  • 3,000 species of fish
  • 17% of all amphibians
  • 8% of all freshwater fish
  • 8% of all reptiles
  • 16% of all diurnal butterflies
  • 10% of all mammals
  • 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Many living pre-colombian cultures
  • 47 million happy and welcoming Colombians

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