Beach on Providencia Island

The Caribbean Islands of Colombia

The Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina is exactly what many travelers seek to enjoy home cooked creole cuisine and welcoming locals.

Motorcycling in the Colombian Coffee Region

Motorcycling Colombia’s Coffee Region

Motorcycling is the most eco friendly way to explore Colombia on your own.

5 Tips for Staying Safe in Colombia

5 Tips for Staying Safe in Colombia

Recent stories from Colombia paint a bright future, but it’s still important to keep your wits about you. Here are 5 tips for keeping safe.

Guide to Colombia's National Sport of Tejo

Guide to Colombia’s National Sport: Tejo

Tejo is like bowling. Except instead of rolling a heavy object down a lane, you toss it. And instead of trying to knock down pins, you try to ignite paper triangles filled with gunpowder. Oh, and also instead of paying to play, you pay to drink beer. Actually, it’s not like bowling at all; it is, however, way more exciting!

Recommended Reading Before Traveling to Colombia

Recommended Reading Before Traveling to Colombia

St. Augustine: The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. In that spirit, here’s recommended reading before traveling to Colombia.

Lessons Learned in Colombia

Lessons Learned in Colombia

Colombia hasn’t found a magic formula for peace, but they have shown what it looks like to rally, to reject fear, and to preserve hope – and it’s working.

Guide to the Exotic Fruits of Colombia

Guide to the Exotic Fruits of Colombia

Colombia’s biodiversity is found not only in its geography and fauna, but also in its markets and on its menus thanks to its wide array of exotic fruits.

Avoiding Water Related Illnesses in Colombia

Avoiding Water-Related Illnesses in Colombia

The reality is half of Colombia does not have access to clean drinking water. Access to safe drinking water is still something most of us take for granted.

Pros and Cons of Traveling in Colombia Photo

The Pros and Cons of Traveling in Colombia

Traveling in Colombia does have pros and cons. But if traveling has taught me anything, it’s been to celebrate all the pros and work to transform the cons.

Tayrona National Park Cover

How NOT to Visit Tayrona National Park

Idyllic photos of Tayrona Park grace the covers of many guidebooks, and locals rave about it. There’s one catch though: don’t go during high season.